Matt Lauria at the Men’s Fitness 2014 Game Changers Event, September 17, 2014

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We’re working our a**es off. … You’ve gotta make it look authentic. […] As an actor, to have a character that’s so complex — and really all the characters are psychologically very complex — and when it’s set against this backdrop that has an implicit energy and built-in fight to it, I think makes for compelling and challenging storytelling. That was the underlying thing for me. … I’ve never been stretched so much as an artist ever. It’s a small cast, as you can see. The responsibility is heavy on each character. It’s just requiring more of me than anything I’ve ever done, physically and emotionally.

Matt Lauria about his role in Kingdom as a MMA fighter, TCA Portraits by Maarteen de Boer, July 2014.

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Matt Lauria & Taylor Kitsch, Inaugural event for Big Knockout Boxing, Las Vegas, August 16 2014

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Kingdom First Look x

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Jonathan Tucker & Matt Lauria at the 2014 Summer Television Critics Association, July 12 2014.

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Behind the scenes today on set of the new @directtv series #navyst - watching this man in his element. x

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Now that you’re here, everything feels like it’s complete.

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Parenthood BTS 5x22

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Stills for Parenthood 5x21

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Matt Lauria previews Ryan's emotional return


"All I can say is that he is back from the Army. I can’t give any details in terms of under what circumstances or for how long, but I can say that he’s back and that you can see from the trailers that he might be a little banged up, and that Ryan and Amber do have a chance to see each other."

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First pic of Matt’s return to Parenthood. Spoilers of course. Airing next Thursday on NBC.

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Matt Lauria back on DirecTV

Matt Lauria is heading back to his old Friday Night Lights turf, landing the co-lead opposite Frank Grillo in DirecTV’s mixed martial arts drama series Navy St., TVLine has learned exclusively.

The project, which received a 10-episode straight-to-series order from DirecTV over the summer, is being billed as a gritty family drama set against the backdrop of a mixed martial arts (MMA) gym in Venice, California. The series, coincidentally, has drawn comparisons to FNL, which completed its five-year run on the satellite giant.

Another coincidence? The character Lauria is playing shares something in common with his Parenthood alter ego — they’re both named Ryan.

Navy St.‘s Ryan is a former three-time All-American wrestler at Arizona State and an ex-Olympian. This is the guy that, when he walks down the street, guys are intimidated by and every girl wants to go home with. Five years ago Ryan was on top of the world — UFC light heavyweight champ, cocky, invincible – he had money, fame and a spiraling addiction to Ketamine that ended in him going to prison. But when he shows up at Alvey’s (Grillo) gym, he is a changed man, humbled. Except his ex, Lisa (played by Kiele Sanchez) sees right through him. He’s a manipulator, always playing an angle. But Alvey sees dollar signs because Ryan is just the kind of superstar that can change the fortunes of a struggling gym.

Lauria, meanwhile, is set to reprise his role as The Other Ryan in the final two episodes of Parenthood‘s current fifth season.

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Matt Lauria back in one or two episodes of Parenthood


According to TV Line, Matt is back in this season penultimate episode (5x21) and maybe in the season finale (as well as Sarah Ramos).

And bonus, we’re gonna meet Ryan’s mom!

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