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Only 9,800 police officers patrol the city of Los Angeles, an area of 500 square miles and 4 million people…

Southland - 1x01 -  Unkown Trouble

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favorites in 2013  » southland

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Ben Sherman + season 5

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Critics Choice Awards 2013 Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series | Michael Cudlitz (Southland)

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You’ve been amazing. Above and beyond. But I’m ready to go it alone and..you won’t have to lock up the knives in the kitchen anymore. Look at me. It’s okay.

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RIP: Southland
April 9, 2009 – April 17, 2013

We hold cops to a higher stander because we give them a gun and a badge. The only problem with that is, they’re recruited from the human race.

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Most cops manage to stay sane despite the chaos around them, but in their hearts they know everyone has a breaking point

Southland S5 Finale

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- You want to go ruin his day?
- Absolutely.

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Cops are supposed to hold the line between chaos and civilized society. Every now and then chaos gets the upper hand.

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You know, you really have a bad habit of pushing people away. For the record, I ain’t going nowhere.

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Cops are trained to stay in control, but sometimes even heroes feel helpless.

Southland - 5x07 - Heroes

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