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I’ve seen what the two of us together looks like. And it’s beautiful.

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It’s about changing fate, and protecting our children.

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Anna Torv | Media launch - Australian Theatre Company | 2014

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Emotion it’s our strength

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an infinite list of favorite fictional ladies  olivia dunham (fringe)

"i understand that you think i acted too emotionally. putting aside the fact that men always say that about women they work with, i’ll get straight to the point: i am emotional. i do bring it into my work— it’s what motivates me. it’s what helps me get into the headspace of our victims; to see what they’ve seen, even if i don’t want to. even if it horrifies me. and i think it makes me a better agent. if you have a problem with that, i’m sorry. you can fire me. but i hope you don’t."

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Dunham, what’s up?

I need a cross check on recent unsolved homicides. See if any bodies have turned up with a missing pituitary gland.

Oh, you say the sweetest things.

Only to you, Charlie.

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FRINGE, september 9th, 2008 — january 18th, 2013

Despite what you think, my universe is not at war with yours. This all began because a man came over here to save a boy and twenty-five years later, I came back to save that same boy. 

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You should know what you’re getting into Agent Dunham. I would say this to my own daughter; be careful and good luck.

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you amaze me.

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# Olivia Dunham - Fringe -

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"She’s always trying to make up for something. Right some imaginary wrong.  

Haunted, I guess.”

“She’s very, very stubborn. She doesn’t like to lose. But she sees the best in people, even when they don’t see it themselves.”

"She gave me a purpose: She taught me to believe in something bigger than myself. She taught me to fight to keep our world safe"

"She gave me a place to call home.A place I’d want to call home"

"There was no one like her."  - Peter Bishop

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I’m Agent Dunham with Fringe Division.

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At the end of the day you did the right thing

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You have no idea how extraordinary you are.

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