Leo was attending to a meeting with Santos. He looked at his watch several times during the Congressman’s speech. At the end of it, Annabeth comes to talk to him.
ANNABETH: Give me your watch.
LEO: I wasn’t…
ANNABETH: People don’t think you like the speech.
LEO: I like the speech, but I’m getting it five times a day.
ANNABETH: We didn’t put you up here for your own entertainment, Leo.
LEO: Is someone on the phone?
LEO: Give me the phone.
ANNABETH: Give me the watch.
LEO: Oh, for the love of…
ANNABETH: Give me the watch.
He gives her the watch.
LEO: You’re not a tall person.
ANNABETH: And I think you’re fabulous.
She gives him the phone.
LEO: Help me, God, please.
The West Wing, Mr Frost, Season 7 Episode 4.

First I love Kristin Chenoweth, she is such a nice, funny and happy person. Two, I love her character in the show. Three, her duo with Leo is just too good in this season so far. This scene is just one of those little moment of comedy from The West Wing where everything is so serious and tense.

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    My sad, beloved ship. And a wonderful episode for Leo and Annabeth as characters.
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    Gah, I miss The West Wing… perhaps I will watch the whole series soon… yes I think I will.
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    They are so cute. John Spencer is a wonderful, wonderful man. He created a magnificent character. And then Kristen...
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